Eric Zdancewicz X Carmel Floral
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

In this display at SOUVENIR, Carmel Floral and designer Eric Zdancewicz present an installation of vessels and floral arrangements.

This new collection of soapstone vases is built upon prototypes that were put to use in the past year and produced as an exercise in slow design. Through an iterative process involving practical use in Carmel Floral’s practice, a more refined collection emerged.

This collaboration showcases a series of carefully selected stones that have undergone minimal shaping, hollowing, and polishing, preserving the raw imprints of production and tracing the material’s journey from quarry to studio. Set within a delicately crafted arrangement of botanical elements by Carmel Floral, the installation embodies a harmonious interplay between structure and softness, and offers a connection to the natural world.

Eric Zdancewicz is a Toronto based artist and designer exploring furniture, sculpture, ceramics, designed objects and photography, and contemplates how we live with objects in day-to-day life. His approach blends traditional and experimental techniques using a range of local and natural materials.

Carmel Floral operates out of deep reverence for the living world. The studio’s unique approach to floral practice is guided by responsiveness to the ever-changing seasons as well as to the exquisite grace, prolificness, and true character of plants.

SOUVENIR is a home for emerging designers, makers and artists; showcasing their talents in a collective, gallery-inspired setting.


Carmel Floral, Eric Zdancewicz, SOUVENIR


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