Evolving Fragments
Jan 17
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

This selection of sculptures by Mads Brimble have been developed from a genetic algorithm, simulating a form of artificial evolution and alternative selection. Incorporated into the algorithm are three parent family units, and genderless entities with high levels of diversity. Groups of generated shapes are selected from the algorithm and recombined digitally into hybrid forms. The pieces are brought to life through laser cut coloured acrylic, and are interlocked by hand. These unique shapes and forms represent an ever-changing population of synthetic organisms, each with their own tangible past and evolving future.

These synthetic organisms challenge prevailing biological norms that often reinforce heteronormative concepts, like family being solely a procreative unit. They highlight how these traditional values can restrict the possibilities for alternative and innovative visions of the future. In essence, this sculpture collection invites us to reconsider and expand our understanding of biology, family, and the potential for diverse and inclusive futures.


Mads Brimble


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Nicola Hamilton