Fan-cy 飯詩 (Rice Poem)
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

‘Fan-cy 飯詩’ is an ephemeral arch screen made up of strings of rice that pays homage to the tradition of planting, eating and sharing. Deliberately located in an Asian restaurant, it frames and softens the rectangular window at Vit Beo using something as basic and as ubiquitous as rice.

‘Fan-cy 飯詩’ comes from within me a long time ago. Being Chinese, rice is a part of my everyday. Rice means sharing a meal and getting together, but that sense of community starts at planting. Having planted my first shoots a few months ago, I have come to appreciate the bond that is built among the villagers by working in the rice fields.  As each rice shoot passes through my hand, I feel its shape, its size and its weight. Though it is repetitive, it is not mechanical. Rather, it is a constant balancing act between using just the right amount of strength and time. The experience is similar when stringing each grain of rice. The labour that goes into the making of the screen is reminiscent of the labour that goes into growing each rice grain.

Each grain, once it goes on the string, suddenly becomes precious. Each string falls from above, like the calligraphy of a Chinese poem.”

– Joanne Lam of Picnic Design


Picnic Design (Joanne Lam, Eric Martin)


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