Jan 23
Jan 26 2022
exhibition in-person

‘farbenfroh’ is a participatory exhibition of painting equipment that integrates watercolours into mobile objects as a transforming element for creative play and artistic work. (1-99 years) The collection consists of earth pigment colours, inspired by the dictionary of colour combinations by the Japanese artist Wada Sanz.

Unlike a stationary paint box, ‘farbenfroh’ seeks to relate to the body and builds a relationship into the creative moment. The interactive installation welcomes children and adults alike.

Ruth Spitzer is a German-Canadian designer and educator. Based on her training as a product designer and shoemaker, Ruth’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on the development of innovative lifestyle concepts, interiors and experience designs. As a co-founder of dorkenwald und spitzer (2002-2015), a creative partnership designing for and equipping a nomadic urban lifestyle, she manufactures the (un)common event with a sense of purpose and delight.


Ruth Spitzer


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