Fig40 B-sides
Jan 20
Jan 24 2020
exhibition in-person

The ‘Fig40 B-sides’ are a collection of furniture experiments and ideas that have evolved in our studio over the past few years. Our work always involves a significant amount of experimenting and prototyping, mostly in service to projects directly for commercial clients. In between projects, other ideas emerge that warrant further exploration with an uncertain outcome. This exhibition is a selection of those experiments, in a similar way to a band releasing an album of B-sides and rarities.

Bench78: a long bench exploring lighter forms and tensile structures. A thin hardwood bench is supported by wire legs and a cable in tension.

Stool14: a simple stool for use indoors and outdoors using bent steel tubes and cast concrete in forms that are natural to their material properties.

StitchedStool: an exploration of creating a seating surface in tension. A leather wrapped steel seat is held in tension by being laced to a steel frame. The tension created in the assembly eliminates the need for fasteners and results in a very lightweight, stable and compliant stool.

ThreadedTable: A simple side table with a small, weighted base in concrete, supporting a wood top ‘threaded’ onto a steel frame creating a coplanar and integrated assembly of components.

Although individual pieces the thread that links them together is an exploration of materials, compositions and function to create products that are approachable, neighbourly and elemental.

For more information contact Lee Fletcher at [email protected].


Lee Fletcher, Terence Woodside, Reece Bennett



Fig40 B-sides_Bench78
Fig40 B-sides_StitchedStool
Fig40 B-sides_Stool14
Fig40 B-sides_ThreadedTable