FINOM x minä perhonen lamp collection: metsä, sieni, pilvi
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

In the midst of a cold, dark winter, we present ‘metsä, sieni, pilvi’ (forest, mushroom, cloud) – a collection of lamps designed to lift our spirits with their imagination and radiance. For the 2023 DesignTO Festival, Gaspard’s window becomes a source for both light and dreaming.

Collaboratively designed by Esa Vesmanen, a Finnish interior architect and designer of FINOM lighting, and Akira Minagawa, Japanese textile and clothing designer of the minä perhonen fashion label, the lamps merge Vesmanen’s focus on sustainability and nature with Minagawa’s romantic, slightly naïve style.

The lamp collection’s delicate birch shades emit simple warmth and pleasure. The organic ‘sieni’ and ‘pilvi’ lamps combine Vesmanen’s original FINOM designs with soft forms drawn by Minagawa. When lit, ‘metsä’ becomes animated with a dark forest of pines, and ‘metsä’ and ‘sieni’ are scattered with fine holes, reminiscent of stars in the night sky.

We are particularly proud of this small display of Finnish/Japanese/Canadian exchange and hope that you will stop by to delight in our shared love of design.


FINOM, Gaspard, Kriss Communications, minä perhonen


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Birch pendant light with forest illustration suspended over set table
Image credit: Hua Wangmina
small birch table lamp in the shape of a mushroom
Image credit: Hua Wangmina
Collaborators Akira Minagawa and Esa Vesmanen testing lamp design
Image credit: David Silva
Birch floor light with forest illustration
Image credit: Pekka Kiirala