Flow State: Sculptural Furniture as Meditation
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

This furniture project explores themes of mindfulness, meditation, and flow in relationship with the designer’s process and the end user’s experience of an object. The exhibition features a large mahogany dining table with abstract repeating shapes and organic lines.

Repetition gives the mind something to focus on, somewhere to pause. Think of a mantra or the rhythm of your breath; the repetition begins to quiet a busy mind. Through the ‘Flow State’ series of furniture, designer Jade McDonell of Stoneface Co. explores what physical characteristics evoke a meditative response. The ‘Oyster’ dining table takes its shape from an oyster’s shell whose ridges radiate outward in a repeating pattern. When sketching designs McDonell uses her pencil, drawing “searching” lines, trying to narrow in on the perfect shape. In this series, McDonell preserved some of those searching or gesturing lines as the final contours of the pieces. Borrowing principles from meditation, mindfulness and flow, she attempts to convey wellness through form.



Stoneface Co. (Jade McDonell)



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