Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

“Can we speak in flowers, it will be easier for me to understand.”

– Unknown

A modern graphic distillation of colour, and a living wool installation, ‘Flowers’ visually explores the dynamic relationships formed in nature, particularly among flowers, and what one can offer another. How flowers like Asters and Goldenrod grow together in a collaborative agreement, as their complementary colours enhance each other’s vibrancy. In biology terms, they become more attractive in their colourful kinship, especially to bees. In art and beauty, they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, and in their polarity unite to bring out the best qualities in each other. To communicate by way of colour is to simplify the complexities of beauty and reciprocity, allowing one to get lost in what seems like beautiful happenstance.

‘Flowers’ explores the concept of colour as messenger. As this January pop of colour spills out into an otherwise grey Canadian landscape, may it be a beacon of beauty for those who need it, like flowers to bees.

Respectfully sourced and large in scale, constructed using ancient felt making techniques, ‘Flowers’ is comprised of suspended vibrant wool pieces. Wool as fine art is functional, atmospheric, sensorial and holds deep value in how it grounds and connects us to the natural world, when we intentionally design it into our interior spaces.

Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’.


Tracy Olan, Jess Koehn


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Tracy Olan
Winter on Lake Ontario, Tracy Olan
Immersed in nature, Jess Koehn
Sustainable artworks, wool and silk
Turning organic matter into colour, reships
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