Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
window installation in-person

In the exploration of organic and unusual shapes in nature, illustrator Lauren Pearson and ceramicist Leah Lavergne have collaborated with the intention of designing and crafting pieces that reflect just that for the home.

Over this past year, we have experienced a clear and necessary shift in our everyday-to-day patterns making our homes the safest of spaces in which we spend much of our time. It has been said that being outdoors has a significant and wide range of health benefits, though it is also believed that interior spaces can shift and lift spirits and impact the wellbeing of their inhabitants in a similar way. In this large urban city, over half of us live without direct access to outdoor spaces.

Using clay as the chosen medium, Pearson and Lavergne aim to bring the outdoors inside. Hand sculpted, imperfect objects with organic colours and textures often found in a clay body married with reformed pigments become the perfect companion to any interior. With the idea that our surroundings continually shape our thoughts and feelings these pieces are designed to bring a sense of balance and lightheartedness.


Leah Lavergne, Lauren Pearson



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Leah Lavergne
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