Jan 21
Feb 07 2022
window installation in-person

Following up on the 6 years of success participating in the DesignTO Festival, Sylvia Lee, Executive and Creative Director of Jeff Goodman Studio, is launching ‘GEO’, a cluster of wall lights inspired by river rocks that are worn smooth by water and time.

From a distance, Sylvia’s work seems simple and effortless, and it’s that simplicity that can only be achieved after over 20 years of experience leading award-winning glass design firm Jeff Goodman Studio.

“At this stage of my career, I enjoy creating products that merge craft and design which offer beauty and flexibility for architects and designers to customize. But at its core, there is always an artistic concept that I build on.”

For ‘GEO’, she explains “I imagined standing on a bridge and looking down at the smooth grey and blue stones in a river, perpetually shaped by two constant life forces, water and time.”

The inspiration behind all of Lee’s work often comes back to standstill moments and personal perspectives.

Each glass ‘stone’ or bowl is hand-blown and has organic, natural form. Mounted inside is a silver leafed bulb cover, so when the light shines through, it gives a subtle majestic shimmer. This design is not about a bold gesture, but about subtle form and gentle light. In the daytime it’s a collection of dusk blue, wabi-sabi shaped stones, at night, with light, shadow and a silver leafed bulb, the forms are grey and iridescent, changing as you watch from different angles.

The ‘GEO’ light is inspired by the ‘Topography’ lighting installation that Sylvia designed for Jeff Goodman Studio, where she remains active as its executive and creative director. “Jeff passed away almost 10 years ago, and our studio remains active in production, artistry and innovation. It’s a real testament to his legacy.”


Sylvia Lee, Jeff Goodman Studio


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Sylvia Lee
Photo: David Whittaker