Geometries and Geographies
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
exhibition in-person

Esther Imm is a textile artist and hand quilter. She uses quilt design as a way to construct abstract patterns into tactile form. In her most recent series ‘Geometries and Geographies’, architectural shapes are grounded and simplified to contrast against an uneven, imperfect, human hand sewn stitch.

The series looks to our surrounding environment, the physical geography and its built form for inspiration. This is the fourth piece in the series and the shapes in the work mimic the structure of the venue it resides in. Quilts are indoor objects and textile work is most often meant to be experienced in indoor spaces. In a time where we’ve been forced to spend more time indoors, the image is a reminder of the world that awaits outside.


Esther Imm


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Esther Imm