Glass Free – POSTPONED
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

This project has been postponed. Please check back for updates.

This is a celebratory and hopeful installation, one that recognizes and promotes the interaction afforded in recent times by the “window” itself and its increased significance within our lives during the covid pandemic.

Glass screens and windows have allowed us certain freedoms during this time—the freedom to meet vulnerable people (protected by the layer of glass), the freedom to be in enclosed spaces (separated from strangers by glass screens). This could be seen as a negative—human interaction has been reduced to occurring behind glass. We think the window should be celebrated, however, as it has allowed at least some form of interaction whilst providing protection.

Layers of brightly coloured acrylic sheets will be suspended behind the glass, offset from each other. They will be cut around a perfect central circle that only lines up when viewed from directly opposite. The result will be a kaleidoscopic array of colours, shadows and reflections. It will be bold and impactful and encourage interaction. Pedestrians will explore the myriad of different angles, shapes and forms. These forms will come together in a suspended harmony when viewed from the middle, revealing a clear centre —they may even catch the eye of customers inside.

The installation is a reflection of our collective experience during covid but also as a celebration of our robust response. Despite the hardships, humanity has continued and at the heart of that is our relationships, maintained through our interactions with others.

This installation has been designed in collaboration with the Drake Hotel by Applied Studio, a London (UK)- and Toronto-based architecture and interior design practice.


Applied Studio



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Glass Free - By Applied Studio
Glass Free - Left Window - By Applied Studio
Glass Free - Centre Window - By Applied Studio
Glass Free - Right Window - By Applied Studio