Great Friends
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

‘Great Friends’ is a collection of colourful oversized friendship bracelets by Laura Carwardine, produced using the same techniques as typical bracelets, but with much larger materials. The increased size allows for easier visibility and appreciation of the details that create these familiar objects. These friendship bracelets bring fun patterns and vibrant colours into interior spaces, and play on the nostalgia of making and exchanging bracelets with friends. The material used is nylon rope in a variety of bright colours, and in lengths that are many times longer than a typical friendship bracelet. These bracelets can be displayed in a variety of ways, including linear, folded, or looped and tied with a knot.

Laura Carwardine is a multidisciplinary designer who has worked in industrial design, interior design, and textile design. Laura’s independent design work focuses on using textile techniques at a magnified scale to make the details more visible. Laura loves working with fun colour combinations and finding interesting colour palettes in everyday life. Laura has participated in the DesignTO Festival previously with the ‘Zip Tie Tapestry‘ window installation in 2018, and is also part of a group textile exhibition this year – ‘Artifacts’.


Designer: Laura Carwardine; Venue: Cafe Pastel


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