Holographic Screen by DPo Architecture
Jan 17
Jan 26 2020
festival featurewindow installation in-person

‘Holographic Screen by DPo Architecture’ explores the role of architectural devices such as curtains or screens that can filter light and views through glazing, move, rearrange space and act as a counterpart to contemporary materials such as concrete, steel and glass. This movable screen is made up of three clear holographic film material panels which are 10″x 5′ on three separate tracks. The film provides iridescent colour with multiple colour acrylic strips that create depth and detail to the panels. When sun shines through coloured films and glass the whole space can be transformed into a temporary wash of colour and light which is unlike anything artificial light can produce. In indirect light the piece will glow like an illuminated artwork. Using materials like film and acrylic in a geometric pattern redefines the window treatment tradition into a flexible interpretation using new materials.

DPo Architecture was founded in 2017 by Yvonne Popovska with a focus on thoughtful and modern design of residential and commercial projects. Their work has been featured in Dwell magazine and was the recipient of Canada Wood Council Design Award, Residential category in BC. In her projects, Yvonne is interested in exploring the role of  modern textile materials prepared from a number of combinations of fibres, yarns, films, sheets, foams, furs, or leather, layered, hand-stitched or laser cut and reconfigured on multiple tracks.


DPo Architecture (Yvonne Popovska)



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'Holographic Screen by DPo Architecture'