HOME Beautification signed by Yaw Tony
Jan 21
Feb 06 2022
exhibition in-person

The latest researches bring to light that billions of people around the world have been ordered to stay at home to help curb the coronavirus pandemic. Google recently released its COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, which uses anonymized mobile phone data from 131 countries around the world to analyze the movement of people. It is clear that almost the entire planet is spending more time at home. At 35% above the average, this creates a problem that is needed to be solved in billion homes. New Ipsos research for TD finds that Canadians have changed the way they spend time at home—and that many are investing in upgrades when realizing that their home setup isn’t optimal for their new schedule. Yaw Tony engages this new project as a solution to our new problem.

‘HOME Beautification’ is the third installation and an extension of the LLiM brand that represents the latest additions of everyday home decor pieces stamped with the essence of beauty that would bring art into ordinary people’s homes. This idiosyncratic maximalist aesthetic aims to beautify every space in the home from living, kitchen, bedroom, washroom. ‘HOME Beautification’ adorns your home with floor and kitchen tiles, linen towels, curtains, tableware, wallpaper, furniture, porcelain, printed cushions, upholstery, double-sided screens, and candleholders to blankets, carpet, textile artwork and so much more from decorative accessories from the magical world of LLiM, with the application of motifs, patterned designs embodying the brand’s philosophy that say “whoever hideth your beauty hideth the wind.” It is the epilogue and the axiom of beauty buried in our inner desire, attitude, spirit being…


Yaw Tony, italDESIGN



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Home Beautification (HB) Signed by Yaw Tony - LLiM Curtain, Screen, Vase, ...
Home Beautification (HB) Signed by Yaw Tony - LLiM Tiles, Textiles, ...