I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun
Jan 18
Jan 26 2020
exhibition in-person

‘I Want to Be the One to Walk in the Sun’ is an art exhibition that takes the viewer on a walk through the artist’s inner landscape. Drawing on pop song lyrics, personal objects and favourite spaces, the artist attempts to catalogue the things that delight and occupy her mind. Humorous ink drawings of animal faces on creamers, earrings and bowls; cozy corners around the home and lyrics about longing for the warmth of the sun. In her screenprint work these personal motifs are used to create a flattened world on cloth. Her favourite objects are interpreted as graphic fabric patterns and used to create a new set of favourite objects: hand printed pouches and totes for everyday use. In this body of work the process of categorizing and translating objects into images and prints emerges as an important creative act. The artist is curious about why sorting and documenting our favourite things matters. Why do we like what we like, and what do our preferences say about what we value?


Jayne Grigorovich