Imagining Climate Ready Communities
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
exhibition in-person

For the 2022 DesignTO Festival, the Interdisciplinary Design Strategy (IDS) students at the Institute without Boundaries (IwB), George Brown College, will showcase their research, insights and scenarios on their current research theme: ‘Designing Climate Ready Communities’.

Brought on by the climate crisis, we are now facing the destruction of habitats and environments for both animals and humans, which has resulted in the eradication of species, forcing patterns of migration that grow out of the “desertification” or “inundation” of once habitable places. Humans and wildlife alike, have begun to migrate seeking places of refuge to survive and to continue living.

How will we manage the dual emerging crisis of climate change and human migration? Will we attempt to reverse negative impacts of human activity to avert a climate crisis? Will we build barriers to protect ourselves and our lifestyle condemning others to poverty and desperation? Will we reimagine places that mend or regenerate “broken” environments? How can we enact?

In 2021-22 the IwB will reimagine local solutions to help communities mitigate or adapt to the many impacts of climate change including but not limited to environmental migration. The Institute will focus on key communities in Europe, Canada, and Latin America as case studies for how grassroots action can create systemic change, revive decaying cities, diversify economic development, and cultivate new and healthier ecosystems.


Institute without Boundaries, Rebecca Arshawsky, Shashank Banawalikar Subhash, José Pablo Carillo, Zan Ding, Kathleen Doyle, Daksh Gandhi, Jenna Rose Storey, Miguel A. Topacio


Imagining Climate Ready Communities


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