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Feb 10 2023
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Working together in artistic dialogue, Ruth A. Mora I. (SUMOfc) and Michèle Guevara (Michèle Guevara Studio), have created a series of 2D artworks combining printmaking and weaving techniques and using common materials in unconventional ways, to explore the concept of impermanence through material-driven processes and their variation over time.

The project involves experimenting with different materials and their structure, geometry, texture , colour, and evolutions. This includes organic and inorganic materials, and a variety of formal techniques that range from material intersections, transposition, assemblage, transformation, layering, to material memory. Always centered on the notion of impermanence, the acceptance of the transient and imperfect as intrinsic to life (wabi-sabi).

The concept of impermanence is correlated with their status as immigrants. They have moved physically to this country but also psychologically, and in that journey, there is intrinsically the idea and acceptance of change. The understanding that nothing stands still and the ability to adapt in order to live in harmony with our surroundings, and continuously redefine who they are.

This is a small sample of a body of work that includes both individual and collectively created artwork and process pieces, contemplating the concept of change.

In past collaborations, the artists have developed projects that explore the combination of modern designs with traditional techniques drawing from their Latin American roots. In the exhibit ‘Comfort Food’ (Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto Offsite Design Festival 2017), the artists presented ‘Little Monsters’. A series of three-dimensional pieces that explored the dialogue between digital and traditional techniques. Michèle integrated her crochet work with the design of ‘Leonia Luminaire’ by SUMOfc, resulting in one of a kind creature-like lamps, as well as the integration of weaving and basketry techniques with CNC,  to create customizable furniture.

The artists acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for their invaluable support.


Ruth Mora, Michèle Guevara, SUMOfc, Michèle Guevara Studio, Ontario Arts Council


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Detail of 'Impermanence', artwork showing weaving and silkscreen dialogue
Detail of Impermanence, artwork showing weaving and silkscreen dialogue
'Impermanence', three artworks showing weaving and silkscreen dialogue
Impermanence, three artworks showing weaving and silkscreen dialogue