[IN]Conclusive: A Speculative Architectural Comic
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
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*Premieres January 19*

‘[IN]Conclusive: A Speculative Architectural Comic’ by Rita Ruotao Wang delves deep into diverse visions of the future, casting light on uncertainties and prompting the audience to reflect on the ripple effect of today’s decisions in architecture. The story unravels around the enigmatic demise of an architect, with witnessing peers offering their own interpretations and designs for the future.

The architectural comic employs non-linear storytelling by dancing between time and space through the eyes of four distinct characters. This approach not only weaves together seemingly disparate moments and ideas but also paves the way for profound explorations. Contrary to conventional architectural practices that seldom speculate post-completion scenarios, this comic provides a panoramic view of the building’s lifecycle while showcasing architecture’s multifaceted nature over time — highlighting the speculative prowess of the comic medium.

Developed by Wang, the “Comics Everything” tool is a dynamic instrument, empowering designers to harness the unique parameters of comics, thereby enriching the speculative design process. This self-analytical mechanism invites designers to revisit their creations, contemplating future iterations by harnessing the comic’s nuanced facets.

The comic’s epilogue reveals a sobering truth: a flawed architectural venture that impacted the city, born from the sketches of a celebrated architect. This twist underscores the paramount role of storytelling in architectural design and its potential repercussions. It highlights the merits of integrating comics into design — their capacity to articulate complex ideas ensures a holistic understanding of a project’s impact. Furthermore, the comic invites external feedback, fostering a discourse on architecture’s future trajectory. The “Comics Everything” tool’s inherent openness resonates with the comic medium’s foundational element — satire.

This digital exhibition spotlights the “Comics Everything” methodology via the architectural comic. Presented in an interactive 3D realm, it seeks to immerse visitors in the innovative design journey championed by comics.

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Rita Ruotao Wang


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Rita Ruotao Wang
Print-outs of comic pages
Print-outs of comic pages