Installation by Erika Verhagen
Jan 17
Jan 22 2020
window installation in-person

Erika Verhagen is a writer, artist and independent curator (soon to be) based in Toronto, Canada. Her work often deals with representation and value, thinking often about how copies and originals function together, as well as thinking about hoarding as a means of degrading the value of individual objects through mistakenly increasing the value of all objects. When a bottle cap and a chair are of the same use to someone, when neither are to be disposable, when facsimiles of objects contain the same pleasure as the original, when silliness is embraced; then there is more to celebrate.

While rugs are associated with decor, we often forget its other sensorial uses; the texture of it as we walk, keeping our feet away from cold sounds and, in modern apartments, it’s preservation of a cherished silence. In thinking about these other ways of thinking about rugs, the artist uses the medium of rug-making to create a series that recreates (through 2 dimensional rugs), the features of her bedroom.


Erika Verhagen


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