Introducing: The Biodiversity+ Design Toolkit
Jan 21 2024
event: talk in-person

Join TEALEAVES for a cup of tea as they introduce and explore a new toolkit that spotlights biodiversity.

The event will entail free-flowing tea served alongside a panel on the toolkit followed by a workshop.

The panel will be led by Karel Vredenburg, Global VP of UX Research and Head of Canada Studios for IBM, as well as Kathy Moscou Ph.D, celebrated artist, Associate Professor and Interim Dean of Design at OCAD University.

They will speak to the value of biodiversity to inform various aspects of design, and contribute to the betterment of humanity and a greener future.

The toolkit has been crafted and continues to be developed by designers from Harvard, IBM, OCAD U, Microsoft, RISD, Parsons and more, advised by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Attendees are encouraged to offer feedback and candour, as designers continue to shape this toolkit to be as effective as possible.


General Admission: $5
OCAD University Students and Staff: Free


Presented by TEALEAVES, Karel Vredenburg, Kathy Moscou, in collaboration with Albert Shum, Max Stearns, Nathalie Attallah and more.


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a number of different toolkits are shown in pink, and are enveloped by biodiversity design
Biodiversity+ Design will lead you to, and help you better navigate a myriad of design methods.