It Starts Out Rough
Jan 16
Jan 26 2020
exhibition in-person

In her solo exhibition, ‘It Starts Out Rough’, Julie Jenkinson juxtaposes two bodies of work made from completely unrelated collections of salvaged wood and found vintage objects.

In Ship To Shore, Jenkinson is a shipwright. Working with factory molds, salvaged wood and piano parts, she built a fleet of fictional ships. You may identify a tanker, a tug boat, a fishing trawler, a Russian speed boat or a shrimper. But look again, these vessels allude to something else; there’s a vague familiarity that’s not quite so easy to place in time. They are at once, modern, primitive, constructivist abstract sculptures.

‘The Dolls’ are a collection of surreal sculptures and assemblages made from turn of the century doll parts salvaged from a defunct doll repair shop, and a puppet maker’s molds. Taken from their familiar milieux “the neglected” are morphed into abstract tableaus and multifaceted theatrical compositions


Julie Jenkinson, Kate Eisen


In the studio, “It Starts Out Rough”. 2019