It’s a Pop-Up Shop & Party
Jan 25 2020
event: party in-person

‘It’s a Pop-Up Shop & Party’ is an arts and fashion event. The concept is simple — a dedicated evening to support and celebrate local arts by combining the most enjoyable activities of quality shopping, great food, tasty drinks and dancing. You can expect to see the newest collections of artists and designers such as Mira Apparel (Miranda KG) U.N.I. Co. (Nancy Kuot), Chelsea Saunders, kb (Katie Boyle), Kaikos, Uniquity, De Lovét, and Butter on the Commas.

Miranda KG is self-taught, interdisciplinary artist. Her work is largely influenced by observation in travel, meaningful conversation and a voracious consumption of music, literature, and film. Through these multiple points of reference, she seeks to identify the interconnectedness of places, people and objects; inspired by an unyielding curiosity to discover unique combinations in mixed media formats. Furthermore, her fascination with psychology, otherworldliness, time and reality tie into my body of work which is best described as sense-making and storytelling. Miranda KG earned a BA from Ryerson University’s innovative Creative Industries program in 2017. Her art and apparel platform is entitled Mira Apparel, there you will see her full body of work which includes paintings, prints, photography, film, writing and apparel.

Nancy Kuot is the creative director and cofounder of U.N.I. U.N.I is a sustainable fashion brand that represents environmentally conscious fashion, innovation and diversity. U.N.I collections feature statement pieces that can be mixed and matched. They are low key and yet strong like their bull logo which represents multiculturalism — a symbol is celebrated in the Dinka tribe, South Sudan.


Mira Apparel (Miranda KG), U.N.I. (Nancy Kuot), Chelsea Saunders, kb (Katie Boyle), Kaikos, Uniquity, De Lovét, Butter on the Commas