Jan 23
Jan 30 2021

Curated by IGBO SUPPLY, this intimate exhibition highlights the complex relationship between form and function found in traditional African seating.

jikọta: An Igbo verb meaning “connect,” “unify” or “bridge.”

A journey through space and time, ‘jikọta’ guides you from West to East Africa throughout the 19th century, exploring the sacred and practical importance of Indigenous craftsmanship. Featuring an exclusive collection of artifact seats, from Chief’s thrones to everyday stools, this exhibition will unearth a fascinating design dialogue between regions and eras. Discover how materials like wood, bronze and hide have remained cultural cornerstones across the continent for centuries, inspiring craftsmanship with resounding global influence.

IGBO SUPPLY is a Black-owned creative practice and lifestyle brand representing various intersectional identities. We are dedicated to highlighting & blending traditional (West) African culture with progressive visions of the future. As our debut exhibition, ‘jikọta’ personifies our mission by showcasing the brilliance of Indigenous African craftsmanship, and illustrating that these timeless designs remain relevant in the contemporary world.




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