Jan 22
Feb 28 2021
exhibition online

jikọta: An Igbo verb meaning “connect,” “unify” or “bridge.”

This surreal and intimate short film is a journey through process, taking you on a tour of IGBO SUPPLY‘s production rituals and methodologies—all of which are informed by the relationship between Indigenous West African cultures and wellness.

IGBO SUPPLY is a Black-owned creative practice and concept store representing various intersectional identities. Dedicated to highlighting & blending traditional (West) African culture with progressive visions of the future. As our debut exhibition, ‘jikọta’ personifies our mission by showcasing the brilliance of Indigenous African craftsmanship, and illustrating that these timeless processes remain relevant in the contemporary world. Furthermore, such sustainable methodologies are more crucial now than ever before.


IGBO SUPPLY, Fraser Collins, Ezi Odozor


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