Kin by Karben
Jan 17
Jan 26 2020
window installation in-person

Karben Wood is a furniture studio founded by former interior designer Lia Karras and business partner and former lawyer David Benson. Each piece is made by hand in Toronto, with the belief that furniture will not only inhabit a person’s home, but will become an intimate part of someone’s day-to-day experiences.

A well-designed piece of furniture can serve as a foundation for a lifetime of precious moments. It shares our first cup of coffee with us in the morning, and is there to hold us up after a long day. It hosts our family, friends and guests. It can create moments of gathering, and peaceful retreats. A well-made piece will follow us through life from one apartment to another, sharing our memories with us, and gradually becoming part of our family.

Karben Wood produces small batch, solid wood furniture with forms that are new yet familiar. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to last a lifetime and to become part of someone’s story, and the story of their home.