Jan 18
Jan 19 2020

Electric powered light is our era’s source of illumination in the dark, and while taking different shapes and forms, it has become a permanent part of our living spaces. When lit up, it manipulates the perception of space by changing shadows, glimmering reflections, or shifting the primary focus. During the day, it becomes part of the space composition fitting simply in the layout or sometimes turning into an art piece to look at.

“My journey started by making a table lamp. We needed a light to sit on top of a solid wood mid-century modern credenza that we had at the corner of our living room. Inspired by old lanterns, ‘Fanoos’ was shaped with some similar materials and composition.

Next steps towards what became a collection presented here were simultaneous with the renovation of our house and the sheer need for reasonably priced custom designed lighting. The beginning of the design process started with initial sketches, material selection, and mock ups. The next challenge was how to find and bring together different components representing the initial idea. In one hand, some parts needed to be crafted from raw material and wherever possible they were kept in their natural look without any finishing layer to let them age and weather by passing time. On the other hand, to conform to required standards and keep the cost low, manufactured products and ordinary objects were modified to be integrated in.

Creating theses fixtures, working with raw materials, crafting parts and bringing them together was like storytelling; each material and part brought to this tale carried a specific character that eventually played a role in shaping the narrative that I was aiming to tell. A story that I believe would be most appropriate to share with others in a small exhibition in its intended original space.”


Rostami Atash Atelier (Bahareh Atash, Hesam Rostami)


'Fanoos' by Rostami Atash Atelier
'Pearl/4' by Rostami Atash Atelier