Lîla Chair by Eric Zdancewicz
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

On display at Peach Boy, the ‘Lîla Chair’ by Eric Zdancewicz is a colourful and friendly reminder to remain curious, flexible, and nurture our childlike intuition. The chair’s typology is immediately recognizable, drawing inspiration from a widely encountered children’s toy that has pervaded doctors’ offices and waiting rooms since the 1980s.

The title ‘Lîla’ is derived from a Sanskrit word describing the act of divine play. Lîla is simple, spontaneous, childlike, and disarming; it is an uninhibited creative act. The chair’s construction was animated by these values and fabricated using a small selection of hand tools and recycled materials. The Lîla Chair represents a departure from pragmatic design work and explores the balance between work and play in the studio.

Eric Zdancewicz is a Toronto based artist and designer exploring furniture, sculpture, ceramics, designed objects and photography, and contemplates how we live with objects in day-to-day life. His approach blends traditional and experimental techniques using a range of local and natural materials.

Hosted by Peach Boy, a highly regarded children’s boutique in Roncesvalles with an emphasis on good design, creativity, and sustainability.


Eric Zdancewicz, Peach Boy


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