love bomb
Jan 20
Feb 18 2023
window installation in-person

An explosion of art and love!

Super cute solid black and white characters and elements courageously stand together against hate, ignorance and injustice. It’s a hard battle to fight but love is tough and powerful. Love is unstoppable and nothing else matters.

‘love bomb’ is an exploration of spreading love and welcoming everyone to be united in love despite any of our differences. It’s easy to love bomb babies, puppies and kittens but what if we approached everyone with love instead of judgement and cynicism?

Love can be as simple as black and white like the graphics and paintings created in this collection. But it often becomes complicated by our mature minds and hard experiences. love bomb is also a movement that encourages a repositioning of how we express love and use our time.

The ‘love bomb’ window installation is presented in the Gladstone House’s Robinson Room windows, just east of the hotel’s main entrance.

catchoo is a Toronto-based visual artist who works mainly using paint, paper, pixels, markers, vinyl, fabric and stickers. Inspired by the everyday little things in life, she creates playful universes with positive vibes, endearing characters that just want to have fun, give comfort, promote peace, love, well being, acceptance and connection.


catchoo, Carlos Charris



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love bomb window installation
love bomb at Gladstone House