Marked Figures
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

‘Marked Figures’ explore the fluid definition and role of  “the line” in regards to the identity of a South Asian female figure in space. It is an investigation on how one forms an identity in a changing existence, and how those markings deconstruct and construct the definition through their usage. These lines, like tree trunks, become a record of the effect of the passage of changing time on the forms or the space in which they exist. That like tattoos, the lines are an attempt at reproducing/ reconstructing individual identity. An interplay between the similarities and differences of individuals and others in similar spaces. A question of whether the lines are the ones that construct the figures or whether it is the figures which determine the lines and their significance in their occupied spaces.

Original work was done using watercolour, and ink on paper.


Vineetha Sivathasan


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Vineetha Sivathasan
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