Mason Studio x Goodee: In Conversation
Jan 24 2023
event: talk in-person

Mason Studio’s Ashley Rumsey, Stanley Sun and Goodee join in igniting a conversation on creating a model for tomorrow that is inclusive of humanity and our planet.

Moderated by AZURE Magazine’s Editor In Chief, Elizabeth Pagliacolo, the discussion will explore how design can be used as a tool for circularity, social equality and corporate responsibility and opportunity.

The discussion is part of the ‘A Day in the Life of 2033‘ exhibition. Set in 2033 in the Pelham Cultural Hub – a place where the care for people comes before all else, and we collectively empower communities to look at the future with excitement, curiosity, and joy.

The exhibition, talk and programmed events presents a hopeful vision for everyday living.  A place to sustain our minds and body through learning, exploring creative pursuits, socializing, and trade goods and services.

Mason Studio
Using design as a tool, Mason Studio translates ideas into experiences that connect people.  With a reach that expands the globe, Mason Studio brings the richness of humanity into everyday experiences to help create a more understanding, kinder and optimistic world.

Goodee is a leading curated marketplace offering essential homewares and lifestyle products for better living. Their values are simple: good people, good design and good impact.


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Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Special Events Coordinator
Is this venue accessible by wheelchair or similar mobility devices? This includes access to washrooms and all aspects of programming/events.
The first floor is accessible however the washrooms and upper floors are not.