Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
exhibition in-person

‘Mementos’ is a series of handmade textile pieces including three punch needle pieces made by Adrienna Matzeg and a tapestry produced in collaboration with Creative Matters – a floor and wall covering design studio based in Toronto.

The inspiration for this project came from a recent visit to Milan where Adrienna learned about architect Aldo Rossi’s multi-disciplinary design practice spanning furniture, accessories and textiles. His ideology around architecture and memory was a jumping off point for the project. The handmade textiles in the show are interpretations and celebrations of motifs from Rossi’s work.

During the 1980s Rossi translated 12 of his illustrations into carpets in collaboration with Sardinian artisans. This inspired Adrienna to collaborate locally on the project with Creative Matters. The tapestry is made of wool and silk and is constructed in the handtufted technique with special attention given to the height and style of each fibre in the design. This work was done in Thailand by highly experienced artisans who Creative Matters has worked with for many years. Their ethically-produced creations now appear in over 40 countries.

Adrienna’s personal work has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, The Art With Heart Auction through Casey House and has been featured in Canadian Art Magazine. She has contributed many products to Umbra, has worked collaboratively on Mejuri’s stores and jewelry displays, and currently designs products and textiles for Republic of II BY IV. This is her second time participating in the DesignTO Festival.


Adrienna Matzeg, Creative Matters


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