Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Jan 17
Jan 25 2020

Join Mjölk in celebrating their 10 year anniversary, with new product designs launching by Japanese designer Oji Masanori, Norwegian design firm Anderssen & Voll, and Canadian designer Thom Fougere. Over the years Mjölk have collaborated with these and more international designers such as Claesson Koivisto Rune and Luca Nichetto, to produce an in-house line that is made locally in and around Toronto.


Oji Masanori, Anderssen & Voll, Thom Fougere


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Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Japanese designer Oji Masanori
Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll
Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Yan Stool by Anderssen & Voll, one of two stool designs being presented.
Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Canadian designer Thom Fougere
Mjölk 10 Year Anniversary
Tambour cabinet by Thom Fougere