Jan 17
Jan 24 2020

Cosentino and George Brown College School of Design (Interactive Media Management program) partnered to design and build an installation blending a physical structure cladded with Cosentino’s ultra compact surface called Dekton integrated with interactive and digital media content.

The School of Design programs have a strong focus on hands-on, studio-based learning with their cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Through their extensive work-integrated learning opportunities, innovative applied research projects, and their industry-proven faculty, they help refine talent and develop the people and technical skills needed to build a portfolio and network.

The Interactive Media Management graduate certificate program responds to a growing need within the design industry for a new skill set – one that crosses the traditional disciplinary boundaries of advertising, industrial, graphic and new media design.

This program empowers designers with the latest real-time interactive tools and technologies. With the integration of these technologies into public and commercial settings, such as museums and retail environments, as well as the education and medical sectors, designers need to be armed with key knowledge of interface design, information visualization and virtual spaces. They have a mission to create friendly systems and interfaces that dramatically improve the lives of consumers and sellers alike.

Dekton has a number of properties that make it a unique material for indoor applications, but also, thanks to its resistance to UV rays, it is ideal for outdoor applications, making it the versatile material par excellence.

Dekton ultra-compact surfaces come in a wide range of hues in a large format, with different thicknesses and design possibilities. Its versatility and extensive customization options allow designers and architects to make their ideas a reality.

George Brown College, Cosentino, Dekton