My Skin is NOT a costume!
Jan 25 2020
event: workshop in-person

Aadhe explores the viewpoint of a first generation Torontonian, who is of Punjabi descent, after the Justin Trudeau scandal of brown face in late 2019 and the issue of culture and race as a costume. The project aims to shed a light on how race and culture effect the “believable-ness” of a fictional character. There can be a black Spider-Man, yet there can not be a white Aladdin. Spider-Man’s attire is not associated with a certain culture, therefore the race of the character does not matter! Aladdin cannot be white because, Aladdin’s ethnic attire is associated with a certain cultures, that are still in practice today, therefore the race of the character does matter! In no means does that allow non-South Asians or non-Middle Easterners to adopt a mask of paint to pretend to be a race. If you are not that race, you are not allowed to be that fictional character, end of story. This is a project aiming to educate, not alienate. People of colour are never going to win this fight without woke allies from other races and cultures. This is about unlocking the respect people of colour deserve!

The evening will start with Aadhe showcasing their Glow Truths collection for Fall/Winter 2021, followed by musical and spoken word performances by artists from Toronto, and ending with a discussion.


Ekelle, Villian, Raiesa, Mel Rose, Brittany Campbell, Shaili Champ, Catta Lyst, Brandyn Leo, Maya Gabriel, Veronica Antipolo, and King Juelz



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