Nemat-Khana: A place to keep blessings
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

Step into a world where ‘Nemat-Khana’ — meaning “pie safe” in Urdu — evokes a sense of cherished tradition, as familiar as a toaster or a microwave. Typically found in the ‘bawarchi khana’ or kitchen, this wooden cabinet, adorned with a steel ‘jaali’ or net, served as the unassuming repository for leftover dishes, fruits, and vegetables. It was an everyday fixture for centuries until the fridge gradually replaced it.

In our fast-paced, innovative world, ‘Nemat-Khana’ resurfaces as a precious relic, offering a glimpse into culinary history and design. Beyond its utilitarian role, it becomes a symbol of our cultural and culinary heritage, encouraging us to revere food as a timeless gift and to rekindle the connection to our shared human history.

In this installation, Toronto-based designer Tahir Mahmood presents a modern take on this cabinet. ‘Nemat-Khana’ stands as a testament to the resilience of tradition and the promise of a sustainable future, where many fruits and vegetables thrive at room temperature—a straightforward yet essential step toward “geen” living.


Tahir Mahmood designs



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