Night Drive Series: Furniture & Design Objects by Stoneface Co.
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
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‘Night Drive’ is a collection of black and white upholstered, parallelogram shaped seating, punctuated by honey toned mahogany hardwood details. Designed by Jade McDonell of Stoneface Co.

“While designing ‘Night Drive’ I was fascinated by a project called ‘Will’s Note Book’, Will Kahn is a curator of fine jewellery. He scatters jewelry pieces on an artist’s sketchbook and scribbles notes describing materials and other observations. The mahogany details of the ‘Night Drive’ series mimic gem cuts and settings found in jewellery design. At the time I was also connecting with the varied aesthetics of the 1970s, the collision of Studio 54 glamour (sequins and mirrors) and the rustic hippie aesthetic (warm woods and natural fabrics). I imagined New York in the 1970s where fashion designer Norma Kamali described the city as hyper creative and downright dangerous. The ‘Night Drive’ pieces are nostalgic, style driven without being too serious and invite you to lounge lazily as the record plays.

The ‘Coastal’ series is influenced by the bohemian, oceanside neighbourhood of St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. As a dual citizen I spend time there each year and it’s scenes have woven their way into the fabric of my work. The ‘Coastal’ standing lamp is a tall statement piece that features an oversized, organically shaped shade, in crisp white linen. The base is a matte black metal with sand blasted finish. The ‘Coastal’ lamp is influenced by the parade of sailboats that dot the bay. ‘Robe St.’ wallhangings combine photography, mirror and glass. The beachside images taken in my early twenties from an apartment on Robe St. feature palm trees, gritty urban scenes and architecture. The viewer is reflected in the composition, existing seamlessly within these memories.”

– Jade McDonell

All of Stoneface Co.’s pieces are ethically & sustainably produced in Canada.


Jade McDonell



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Jade McDonell
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"Night Drive" Bench in bone white by Stoneface Co. & Jade McDonell
"Night Drive" Ottoman in midnight black by Stoneface Co. & Jade McDonell
"Night Drive" Cube in bone white by Stoneface Co. & Jade McDonell
"Coastal" Standing lamp by Stoneface Co. & Jade McDonell
"Coastal" Standing lamp by Stoneface Co. & Jade McDonell