Nourish: Connecting through Dumplings
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

Presented by Mason Studio at the 91 Pelham Ave Cultural Hub

Food has an incredible power to connect people. Mason Studio gathers the stories, histories, and traditions of many cultures through one dish that connects them all: the dumpling.

From the Polish pierogi to the Chinese wonton, explore how various celebrated Toronto chefs and restauranteurs prepare dumplings that reflect their heritage. Each restaurant will share some of their cherished dumpling recipes for you to try at home.

For two interactive evenings, Mason Studio pairs leading chefs and culinary experts to discuss how food connects people. They will also demonstrate, provide samples, and teach you how to make their dumplings with a hands-on experience.

The Open House event will celebrate all the chefs and provide dumpling samples from some participating restaurants.

Interactive Evenings:
Limited seats available
January 20 from 6-9pm – RSVP
January 27 from 6-9pm – RSVP

Open House: 
January 24 from 6-9pm – RSVP


Interactive evenings: AnthroDish, Pastaio, The Depanneur, Lokum Eats; Gallery exhibitors: Café Polonez, Chubby’s, ChopTime Catering, Chef Taylor Parker, DaiLo, Garleek Kitchen, The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co.


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