Odami on Aesop Yorkville
Jan 25 2024
event: talk in-person

A discussion with Toronto-based design studio Odami on their design sensibilities, focus of their practice and inspiration behind Aesop Yorkville.

Odami is an architectural and interior design studio, founded in 2017 by Spanish architect Aránzazu González Bernardo (B.Sc.Arch, M.Arch: ETSAC, A Coruña, Spain; BCIN) and Canadian designer Michael Fohring (B.Sc.Arch, M.Arch: McGill University, Canada).

Aesop Yorkville takes inspiration from the downtown area’s architectural and societal history—starting with the Victorian houses that populate the neighbourhood, and the lanes and squares where communities have gathered over the decades.


Aesop, Odami



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