Origin of Life
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

“My ‘Origin of Life’ series started as a personal exploration of deep-sea hydrothermal vents. I was fascinated by the idea that our earth constantly challenges our understanding of this life. There’s an inherent limitation to human knowledge regarding life and death…

…In a way, my current practice mirrors my life — it will always exist on a balance between two worlds. Blending the meticulous, slow artistry of ceramics and the fiery, impulsive nature of welding, each piece reflects my journey and my hands’ efforts to process and understand the world around me.”

– Nuhad Haffar-Orsini


Depths & Beginnings: In the ocean’s abyss, the absence of sunlight gives way to an extraordinary phenomenon. Structures emerge out of the silt & sand of the seabed, releasing molten hot magma which collides with freezing seawater. This creates a chemical interaction that can nurture a thriving ecosystem, and it’s fascinated scientists because it’s redefined our understanding of the requirements of life.

Hydrothermal vents, believed to be the cradle of primordial life, inspired Nuhad to create shapes that reflect their underwater origins but evolve into something new. Using ceramics and metal  — materials known for their resiliency and longevity, she combines ceramic hand building techniques with TIG welding to form a new landscape.

‘Origin of Life’ is a testament to the notion that life’s most vital building blocks form under immense pressure, reflecting Nuhad’s personal experiences with motherhood and migration.

As we contemplate the earth’s ability to always challenge our perceptions of life, we are constantly reminded of the finite boundaries of our own understanding of existence and mortality.


Nuhad Haffar-Orsini, Richard Kahwagi


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Arrangement of three handcrafted sculptural vases in varying heights made of speckled stoneware with mirrored black interior glazing
Closeup of handcrafted sculptural vase made of speckled stoneware with mirrored black interior glazing
Closeup of organic sculptural piece made of sand cast aluminum