Jan 22
Jan 31 2022
window installation in-person

‘Origin(al)’ celebrates the origin of chocolate and Soul Chocolate’s connection to this world through a thoughtful, finely crafted paper installation.

Quetzalcoatl, the serpent god who is said to have gifted cacao seeds, was also the god of merchants, arts and crafts and knowledge.

‘Q’ is finely crafted from paper. He/she emerges through a sea of flowers embracing the craft and love that Soul Chocolate embodies. Paper has a memory; a feel, a smell and a look that evokes a response. Its original shape can be manipulated into shapes and forms to express a different meaning and in this specific installation, to tell a love story.

Sonder Work Inc. is a Toronto-based design firm that provides contemporary architecture and interior design services. I would pop into Soul Chocolate every morning (and to be honest, most afternoons) on my way to work for a coffee and a cookie, eventually striking a friendly rapport with the proprietors Kyle and Katie. We admire and respect their efforts to not only offer the best product, but to provide services and goods ethically. ‘Origin(al)’ is a collaboration between Sonder Work Inc. + Soul Chocolate that was born from this friendship.”

– Areti Kiriakis, Sonder Work


Sonder Work Inc., Soul Chocolate


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Areti Kiriakis
Origin(al): Quetzalcoatl's gift of cacao + Soul Chocolate.