Outside In
Jan 12
Feb 02 2023
exhibition in-person

Visual artist Olivia Di Liberto presents her latest collection, ‘Outside In’, which includes five of her newest large paintings at Daniel Spectrum.

Olivia’s latest collection of paintings that make reference to her ongoing interests and curiosities on culture, history and the elements of her surrounding landscapes. Within these pieces Olivia’s painting practice unfolds from a stream of consciousness which has been influenced by a culmination of these themes. She incorporates graphic illustrative components, specific colour palettes and intricate line work to convey a feeling of cultural nostalgia and relevance. She has always been fascinated by historical counterculture movements and where they intersect with what is created today. The elements in her paintings (although different) coexist alongside each other symbiotically which, in turn, guides the viewer to understand the painting as a story being told. The collage-like nature of this work assimilates pop art-like graphic elements and textures creating a sense of balance and flow, which creates a visual language and dialogue to be analyzed by the viewer.


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Olivia Di Liberto
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Olivia Di Liberto's painting 'Bloodline'
Olivia Di Liberto's painting 'Bigger Picture'
Olivia Di Liberto's painting 'Square 1'
Olivia Di Liberto's painting 'Ascension'
Olivia Di Liberto's painting 'All or Nothing'