Pachinko Games – CANCELLED
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

Due to the current pandemic restrictions in Toronto, the project has been cancelled.

A window display of two reactivated and reimagined vintage pachinko machines from Japan. These machines have had certain visual elements replaced with Indigenous visualities and newer materials while also retaining original parts and mechanics; creating contemporary understandings of objects as they have been filtered through time and dis-use. They are tools for understanding and interpreting the processes by which different cultures approach each other as a result of travel and communication.

Just as Indigenous artists responded to the introduction of modern art making materials and methods to record, recode, and reframe traditional ideas and new ideas, these new design works emphasize transitive zones involving the processes of the unfamiliar becoming familiar or the unfamiliar being made familiar. Integrating visual components of commercial and political design rooted in Asia and North America, the work focuses on the possibilities and limitations of the exchanging of ideas, meanings, and values, and questions the concepts of authorship and authenticity.

Jason Lujan is a design-oriented artist interested in interdisciplinary and trans-cultural crossovers between revitalization of historical methods, materials, and approaches combined with daily living in the present.


Jason Lujan


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Tara McCallum
Photo by Laura Findlay