Peak Furnishings: Colour, Lights, Cabinetry
Jan 19
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In 2016, IKEA’s Head of Sustainability declared: “We’ve hit peak home furnishings.” Addressing this idea, local designer Karol Kosnik presents a workshop and presentation on how to optimize your living space using simple and accessible design elements.

‘Peak Furnishings – Colour, Lights, Cabinetry’ is a workshop in which participants learn how to make the most of small spaces using three design elements: colour, lighting, and cabinetry (virtually all sourced from IKEA — good pricing!). This event is perfect for new homeowners, real estate professionals, and those living in small and micro spaces. Come in and try your hand at an IKEA hack based on the SEKTION box and learn how to scale up [or down!] the design for your own space. The workshop will be followed by a presentation on the concept of Peak Furnishings; learn about the versatility of the IKEA box systems, how to utilize them and where; see the global trends and how you are already part of the movement. Make it look like a million buck$ — free coffee and muffins – #peakFURN.


Studio Kosnik


Is this venue accessible by wheelchair or similar mobility devices? This includes access to washrooms and all aspects of programming/events.
Peak Furnishings: Colour, Lights, Cabinetry
Sektion based design /w Veddinge doors and IKEA slabs
Peak Furnishings: Colour, Lights, Cabinetry
Sektion + PAX design with custom detailing
Peak Furnishings: Colour, Lights, Cabinetry