Play at the Barns
May 19 2022
exhibition in-person

In the last two years, a group of passionate community members formed Friends of Wychwood Barns Park (FOWBP) because they saw the need to update the Wychwood Barns Park facilities as the outdated design was not accessible to a wide range of park users. First, FOWBP engaged with students of the local elementary school and asked them to reimagine this community space. Then, FOWBP partnered with Urban Minds to host the 1UP Youth Design Competition where high school students worked in teams to develop creative solutions for the park. With the guidance of professionals with backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, ten student teams competed while honing their design skills.

‘Play at the Barns’ is the culmination and showcase of the design ideas of community members, local artists, and youth to reimagine Wychwood Barns Park as an accessible and inclusive playground and outdoor gathering space for the community as it grows and changes. This exhibit elevates voices not typically heard in the city-building process and puts a spotlight on the ideas that shape this community-driven initiative. The reception will feature presentations by Urban Minds, FOWBP, and the winning student team of the 1UP Youth Design Competition. The exhibit will also include an artist-led opportunity for visitors to co-create a communal art piece, which will later be displayed at Artscape Wychwood Barns as a reminder of the ongoing creative and collaborative effort to reimagine and animate the park.

Exhibition: 5-6pm
Reception: 6-7:30pm

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Urban Minds (Angela Ng, Ryan Lo, Denelle Carvalho, Jennifer Khuu, Areej Ashraf, Cynthia Chiu Chen); 1UP Toronto (Maya Lekhi, Jessica Yuan, Matthew James, Catherine Wang, Lucy Qi, Joy Cheng, Miyuki Mori, Drason Ren, David Chen, Victoria Yeung); Friends of Wychwood Barns Park (Jenny Leroux, Jane McFarlane, Gabriel Fain, Carly Zuk, Shira Wolch, Jenny Emery) in collaboration with Wychwood Art Advisory Board; Artscape Wychwood Barns (Olga Schellenberg)



Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Olga Schellenberg
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1UP Youth Design Competition - Winner (Miyuki Mori, Drason Ren, David Chen, Victoria Yeung)