+(plus) 2.0
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
exhibition in-person

Join us in celebrating Toronto as a leader in the design and implementation of mixed-use buildings and its rich history of creative mixed-use.

About Creative-Mixed Use 
As cities across the world envision ways to restore upended communities in post-pandemic recovery, there are opportunities to integrate sustainable methods for innovative city-building. In Toronto, these have taken the form of creative mixed-use buildings that deliver significant affordable housing among other critical social infrastructures such as schools, homeless shelters, and more. These buildings often bring together public, private, and non-profit uses in creative ways, locating unexpected partnerships in the same facility. These building types are not widely known, although they contain immeasurable social value in response to rapid development in cities worldwide.

About ‘+(plus) 2.0’ 
‘+(plus) 2.0’ continues to explore Toronto as a leader in the design and implementation of mixed-use buildings, demonstrating how our cities overall can centre around care and mutual aid in partnerships.

Drawing from ideas generated through the public’s participation in ‘+(plus) 1.0’, our newest exhibition seeks to answer the question “What if?”. ‘+(plus) 2.0’ explores the full breadth of possibilities for community-building that emerge from mixing improbable uses together; questions the current systems that maintain the “status quo” in architecture/urban planning; and encourages us all to reimagine not only what our neighbourhoods look like, but ultimately who our cities are for.

Learn More/Join Us 
To learn more about ‘+(plus) 2.0’ and participate in upcoming events please visit https://plusplusplusplus.cargo.site


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