Proximal Spaces
Jan 21
Jan 31 2021

‘Proximal Spaces’ is a multi-modal exhibition that explores the environment at multiple scales in concentric circles of proximity to the body. Inspired by Edward Hall’s 1961 notation of intimate (1.5ft), personal (4ft), social (12ft) and public (25ft) spaces in his “Proxemics” diagrams, the installation portion presents similar diagrams of the four concentric circles affixed to the wall of the gallery space. Each of these diagrams is a montage of microscopic and sub-microscopic (SEM, TEM) images of the environment as experienced at that distance from the body. In addition, sealed and fixed microbial art within customized dishes will be on display at specific points to the diagrams. These petri dishes are pre-harvested with bacteria collected from the body, the surrounding landscape and objects at corresponding distances from the body. In addition, digital tablets will be positioned at the gallery space running an AR-enabled application that is triggered when users come within 6ft of the work. This work focus on the social and cultural impacts of this viral epoch on interpersonal communication, in particular visualizing the variegated response of the biological environment to unprecedented levels of physical distancing and self-isolation — What continues to thrive in the 6ft ‘dead spaces’ between us? The artwork presents an interesting mode of interspecies engagement through hybrid online and offline interaction.


Joel Ong, Jess Holtz, Natalie Plociennik


Proximal Spaces
Proximal Spaces


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