Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

‘{{qvr}}’ is an exploration in evoking life-like behaviours and emotions through material, movement and human interaction. Inspired by subtle cues in nature such as the rustle of leaves in a bush or the stirring of grass, the organisms become animated and quivers at the passing of people across the window. To quiver is to slightly and rapidly tremble in response to a sudden strong emotion – fear and sadness being common triggers. ‘{{qvr}}’ is a show of both surprise and fascination and also of longing. As the interaction occurs, the glass window separating viewer and installation becomes a divider, reminiscent of the layers of plexiglass screens (both physical and digital) and car windows through which the the collective population interacted across en masse over the course of the past two years. ‘{{qvr}}’ becomes a faint echo of the distancing of social relationships that are beginning to close during the meta-pandemic. It evokes the familiar feeling of a closeness that is just out of reach – a seen but not touched relationship.

F_RMlab is a design and research collective engaged in advanced computational design tools in support of new paradigms of public space where dynamic interaction, social responsiveness, regenerative materials and systemic resilience are integral goals in building. F_RMlab promotes computational discourse and media through the University of Waterloo School of Architecture through the process of collaborative design and experimentation in real-world projects. Our members have extensive experience in design festivals and installation work, utilizing computational design tools and alternative methods of digital fabrication as means to explore the intersection of technology and art to push the possibilities of interactive architecture.


Adrian Chiu, Weeney Lin, Chiun Lee, Justin Park, Dua Junaid, Dorcas Ng, Jack Havel, Diana Si, Deepakshi Mittal, Jessica Jia, Maeve Wang, William Guinane, Nurielle Ann Gregorio



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Kristofer Sakamoto-Marshall