Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
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Origami has persisted throughout history due to its disciplinary use of a singular material and technique. Pieces such as the paper crane are memorable and simple in its appearance, but carry much complexity which resides within the process of its creation. Upon closer examination, we can see that every origami creation unfolded is made up of a combination of simple shapes caused by various folds known as crease patterns. A few folds could completely transform a piece of paper from a two-dimensional silhouette into a free-standing sculpture. The project ‘Refold’ by Studio A12 is a study on crease patterns from the iconic paper crane in finding representable, yet new complex forms on our own fabricated material. In doing so, we find the architectural potential of origami with high regards to its history and culture.

Studio A12 is a partnership between Megan Shine Barrientos and Conan Chan founded on their mutual interest in art and design.

This project is a part of the King East Design District (KEDD), a hub for design, art and culture in the heart of Old Town Toronto.


Studio A12 (Megan Shine Barrientos, Conan Chan)



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Megan Shine Barrientos
Close up image
Refold displayed at the Ryerson University Daphne Cockwell Building
Refold - Side Profile