Jan 22
Feb 06 2021
window installation in-person

Victoria Chin and Olga Klosowski are collaborating together for the first time. Victoria is a designer and ceramic artist, while Olga is a multidisciplinary artist working in both two and three dimensional forms. They share mutual interests in forms, space, memory, and they are working together to create a new body of work that explores the traces that are left behind from different materials and objects.

The duo is experimenting with various everyday materials to see how our perception of them can be altered through processes, weight, forms, and textures. Their core building materials include clay, plaster, paper, cloth, and gesso. This installation is an exploration of the dichotomy between lightness and heaviness – characteristics that are inherent in these materials – while challenging existing perceptions that we have around them.

This project is a part of the King East Design District (KEDD), a hub for design, art and culture in the heart of Old Town Toronto.


Victoria Chin & Olga Klosowski


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Fraser Greenberg
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