Repetition and Rupture
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

Klara VY’s work is guided by her background in, and passion for, graphic design and architecture. It blends geometric patterns and bold colours. Through the meticulous employment of these two simple elements, she is able to manifest work that satisfies our itch for finding visual harmony in our surroundings. Klara strives to create work that is both playful and soothing, while finding clever ways to shift certain elements to avoid predictability. Symmetry, used strategically, evokes a sense of order and tranquility, inviting viewers into a space of comfort and well-being. Yet, the subtle ruptures within the patterns and the construction of the work add a layer of intrigue, gently nudging the audience to question, explore, and engage in a dialogue with the art.

For the 2024 DesignTO Festival, Klara is exhibiting two pieces from the larger series ‘Repetition and Rupture – an exploration of the familiar and the unpredictable.


Klara VY


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Fanny Vergnolle de Villers
Two acrylic paintings side by side. Both consist of colour bands in, shades of blue, green and black. The bands on the one on the left are straight, vertical and horizontal. The bands on the one on the right are curved.